Tar25 Tar28 Tar32 Bicycle Valve Tyre valve

  • Model NO.: TAR25 TAR28 TAR32
  • Trademark: GT
  • Origin: Shandong
  • Certification: GS, Ce,CCC,ISO
  • Specification: PVR70
TAR25 TAR28 TAR32 Bicycle Valve Tyre Vavle

Our company is spcialized in the production of various tire maintenance and repair materials. And we have heen handling them for many years. Our products are mainly including wheel balance weight, tire valve, valve extension,valve accessery, tire punture seal insert string, any tire repair tools and machines.  All of our products are superior in quality and moderate in price.

TAR25 TAR28 TAR32 Bicycle Valve Tyre Vavle
I am a supplier from China,would like to introduce you our manufacture and establish a bussiness relationship with you.If you request,we are pleased to send you our catalogue ,pricelist.and even samples to you.
We are specialized in produce different kinds high quality of  type valve.
Product:bicycle valves,motorcycle valves,light truck and passenger car valves,bus and heavy-duty truck valves,off-the-road(OTR)valves.tire valves cores,air conditioner valves cores,liquefied gas valve cores and other special valves cores.(another details in the catalogue)
Our Advantages:
1.First-class mangement,advanced facilities and experenced staff
2.Supply high quality product but at low price
3.Complete check system,one product need to go through five checks certificate

1. Why Choose Us?
We are a more than 10 years professional manufacturer in car accessories with high quality and competitive price.
2. What's your auto fastener guarantee?
Strictly complying with quality management systems of ISO 9001 and SGS. If you have any problems concerning quality, we will offer you a refund or a replacement.
3. How many quantities about packing for each item?
Without quantity limitation for inventory goods; more than 2000 pcs/item for customization order.
4. How long is the date of deliverly?
If inventory goods, we will delivery within 2 working days. For a customized order, within 30-60 days. 

Contact Information:
Contact:cindy yan

STF224 Series Alternator Suppliers

1.Balanced rotor with single or two sealed ball bearings

2.Any permanent magnetic generators, providing invariable excitation on all occasions.
3.Easy to be connected with power network or other generators. Standard 2/3 pitch windings
check excessive midline current.
4.Convenient installation and maintenance with easy access to terminals, rotating diodes and
coupling bolts

5.Meet leading standards

6.Wide range of Flange adaptor and single bearing coupling disc

AC Alternator


STF224 Series Brushless AC Alternator

Stamford AC Generator ,Brushless AC Alternator,380V Three Phase Brushless Alternator,STF224 Series Brushless AC Alternator

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