The country's largest vacuum zinc infiltration production line put into operation

The country's largest vacuum zinc infiltration Production Line was recently put into production in Rudong City, Jiangsu Province. It is reported that the project has invested a total of 20 million yuan, with an annual processing capacity of 10,000 tons, and the production scale ranks first in the country. It is understood that vacuum zinc infiltration is a chemical heat treatment technique in the ferrite state, so that the zinc atoms are uniformly diffused into the surface layer of the steel parts to form a strong anti-corrosion protective layer, which can effectively improve the quality of the steel products.

Classification of screw locking machines:

1 series automatic locking unit

2 series automatic (multiple) screw locking machine

3 series of floor type manipulator screw locking machine

4 series rotary multi station screw locking machine

5 series desktop manipulator screw locking machine

6 series of special equipment and production line

Automatic locking Screw Machine

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