LED lighting future development prospects are good

Some time ago, Foshan Lighting Association and Foshan Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Osram and other five companies held a special event for LED lighting products group purchase in Chancheng District, Foshan, and achieved great success by adopting the government subsidy method. It is reported that at the event site, the price of 3W LED bulb is 3 yuan, the price of 5W LED bulb is 5 yuan, and the product sales are extremely hot. Among them, the LED bulbs of Foshan Lighting sold out of stock in the morning, and shipped a whole lot of goods in the afternoon.
From the point of view of product sales, Foshan lighting products have a large market price advantage, which shows that it is very important that the price deeply affects the sales of home lighting products. LED lighting products, the price is often more advantageous in front of the brand.
Recently, a residential property called to let our company finance to collect money. Two years ago, in order to prove the energy-saving effect and product quality of LED lighting, we took the method of saving electricity bills and paying for goods. We installed nearly 200 5.5W LED bulbs for the underground parking lot of the community. After more than two years of verification, the residential property expressed its recognition of the quality and energy saving of LED lighting products, and said that it will recommend LED lighting products to more communities.
Before this, the district used to use energy-saving lamps in the traditional lighting period, even incandescent lamps. The electrician has repeatedly said that the lights are often changed and the workload is large. However, due to the lack of understanding of LED lighting products, plus the electricity costs involved in the three links of the owners, owners' committees and property companies, plus the underground parking lot is working 24 hours, the lighting products and lighting quality requirements are very high, so has been entangled whether to Replace with LED lighting. In order to let everyone worry about LED products, we propose to use two years, and then use the saved electricity bill to pay for the payment plan, and get the support of all parties. The final time proves that the choices of all parties are correct.
LED lighting has come from all kinds of doubts, and now it has finally been recognized by consumers. At a time when energy issues are becoming more and more prominent, it is an indisputable fact that LED lighting has entered thousands of households, and its future must be bright.

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