Women's 3 Rings Inlayed Meat Finger Swollen with Cutting Machine

“Helping my daughter quickly, her fingers were stuck in the ring...” At 7 pm on January 5th, a woman escorted her father to the Xia Zhuang Squadron of the Fire Brigade in Chengyang District. It is said that the ring worn on the finger cannot be removed. Now the finger is very swollen and very painful.
After careful observation, the fire brigade found that the “bite” ring was stuck on the left hand ring finger of the woman, and her fingers were obviously inflamed and swollen. The ring is made up of three small rings made of steel and is now deep in the flesh. If it is not removed in time, the woman's fingers are likely to be necrotic because of blood impassability.
In order to remove the ring as soon as possible, the fire brigade immediately took pliers, cutting machines and other tools to cut. Because the rings are intertwined and the materials are very rigid, the officers and soldiers repeatedly use pliers to save their lives. After the rescue of the pliers failed, the officers and men decided to remove the three rings one by one with a cutting machine. In order to prevent secondary damage, officers and men first placed a piece of steel iron between the finger and the ring, and then started a toothless saw to start the rescue. During the period, the officers and soldiers carefully cut and tried to distract the woman. After 4 minutes, only the sound of a "bang" sounded crisp and the first ring was successfully cut. Afterwards, the officers and men speeded up and the remaining two rings were successfully removed in less than a minute.
According to the woman's introduction, the ring has been worn without any problems, until the recent feeling that the fingers gradually swelled, the family found soap water to try to remove it, but no matter how hard it did not succeed, seeing the fingers swollen Therefore, they had to resort to fire brigade.

PC bar Button Heading Machine 

This product is a special equipment for the hot button heading of steel bars in the Spun Pile industry. The machine body adopts a new integrated supercharger cylinder with simple structure, double speed and enhanced function. The loss rate of the finished product is low, the external dimension is beautiful standard. The core parts of heating are designed with eccentric rotation, high utilization rate and small consumption of spare parts. The electronic control system adopts the new design of the automatic controller, a key switch, the operation is simple, the failure rate is low. This product is mature and stable, with strong anti-jamming performance and long service life.

PC bar button heading machine

The technical parameters:





air source



Input voltage

Three phase,four wire,AC380V±5%,50Hz


Max capacity



Max clamp

air pressure 7.2kg∕cm²,50T


Max capacity of heading

air pressure 7.2kg∕cm²,16T


Loss of reinforcement strength in heading



 Maximum heat current

           about 5500A


Button heading steel bar dia.



Machine size

L×W×H=1250×1180×1300 unit(mm)


Machine weight



Same specification devide

devide left hand(model:z)and right hand(model:Y)two operations


Button heading operate time

Each about 12-16S

Button Heading Machine

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