Tianmen Pump Industry Waterjet Propulsion Precision Castings Appraised

On December 4th, Tianmen City’s first national defense scientific and technological achievement “Development of SS2377 ultra-low carbon duplex stainless steel precision castings” was undertaken by Hubei Tianmen Pump Co., Ltd., and passed the national appraisal in Wuhan. The appraisal committee confirmed that the project results reached the domestic leading level.
The appraisal meeting was hosted by the Hubei Provincial Defense Science and Technology Industry Office. Experts from institutions such as Huake University, Wuke University, State-owned 741 Factory, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, and Wuchuan Heavy Industry listened to the report of the project team, consulted relevant technical materials and test data, and asked questions, questions and discussions. Unanimously agreed to pass the identification of scientific and technological achievements. According to Li Lihua, deputy director of the Tianmen Science and Technology Bureau, this is the first national defense science and technology achievement that has passed the national assessment.
The water jet propulsion device is the development direction of the current marine propulsion device, and its main application range covers military ships and civil ships. Tianmen Pump Industry Co., Ltd. started the development of a complete set of duplex stainless steel precision castings for water jet propulsion equipment in 2007, in the 7th and 8th Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation and the 7th Institute of China National Shipbuilding Corporation of Wuhan Institute of Technology and Wuhan. Under the guidance of experts and professors of the Industrial College, after hard work, the metallographic structure, intergranular corrosion, mechanical properties, casting radiographic inspection and hydrostatic test of the castings have been tested by third-party testing agencies and passed the China Classification Society. It is recognized that the D970 waterjet propulsion unit has been successfully loaded and operated for nearly two years at the China National Offshore Oil Emergency Response Center. The development of ultra-low carbon duplex stainless steel precision castings for 5000KW class high-power waterjet propulsion device has also been successful. It has been applied to the Navy high-speed three-body search and rescue ship and has been well received by relevant parties.

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