Weichai supplements the first large-displacement high-speed engine in China

Weichai Power announced on the day that the first 12-liter WD12 engine with independent intellectual property rights and 480 horsepower has been accepted and put into the market in batches, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 units. This kind of super power specially designed for China's heavy commercial vehicles has filled the domestic gap and reached the advanced level of international similar products, completely changing the long-term dependence of China's large-displacement high-speed engines on imports, so that China's heavy commercial vehicles have been owned since then. "Chinese heart."

The 12-liter large-displacement high-speed diesel engine, which is internationally known as “golden displacement”, is the core component of large-scale commercial vehicles and related large-scale engineering equipment. Due to technical constraints, it has been a blank in the research and development of heavy-duty vehicle engines in China. According to statistics, the number of domestic heavy-duty vehicles has exceeded 1.6 million, but the "heart" of these heavy-duty vehicles on Chinese roads - diesel engines with a displacement of more than 12 liters and 380 hp or more are all abroad. Brand monopoly.

Today's off-line WD12 diesel engine covers a range of 336 horsepower to 480 horsepower. It not only refreshes many of the functional parameters of domestic heavy-duty diesel engines, but also breaks down with performance advantages such as low fuel consumption, large displacement, low emissions and high torque. The pattern of foreign manufacturers monopolizing the Chinese market.

The engine is a new generation of 12L large displacement road transporter engine products developed by Weichai Power Europe R&D Center and using advanced international engine technology. Experts predict that this new product will not only replace imports, but will also greatly accelerate the new round of power upgrades in China's heavy commercial vehicle market, and comprehensively improve the utilization efficiency of China's medium-sized commercial vehicles.

In recent years, with the acceleration of infrastructure construction and the rapid development of modern logistics industry, China's commercial vehicles have maintained a high development speed. In particular, the heavy truck industry has shown a trend of rapid development towards heavy-duty, high-power, and specialized. According to the comprehensive tonnage analysis, the growth of heavy-duty trucks is focused on tractors of more than 15 tons and various special vehicles. This part of the model will be the growth point of heavy-duty trucks and the commanding heights of the market, and will also be a new point of profit for major heavy-duty automobile manufacturers. In this field, although domestically produced vehicles have a strong price competitive advantage, key components, especially large displacement engines, cannot be separated from foreign imports of crutches.

With the mass market of Weichai Power WD12 engine, this situation will be completely changed. Sun Shaojun, general manager of Weichai Power Technology, said that the engine, which has been carefully cultivated for 5 years, has a power of up to 480 horsepower. After repeated bench tests, vehicle road tests and pavement tests, it has passed the extreme test of plateau, high temperature and cold zone. , superior performance. With advanced engine technology, lower fuel consumption, excellent performance and high reliability, it is the only 12L large displacement engine that is mature and mass-produced in China.

Zhang Xiaoyu, vice chairman of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Ni Hongjie, chairman of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, fully affirmed and highly praised the significance and advanced performance of the product. They used the "four more" to summarize the technical performance of the WD12 engine:

More powerful: 20% increase in displacement and power, ensuring sufficient power reserve; 20% increase in low-speed torque, improving vehicle acceleration performance;

Safer: As a standard configuration, the Engine Safe Brake (WEVB) system greatly improves the driving safety of the vehicle and reduces the wear of the brake system.

More reliable: The large-displacement engine has sufficient power reserve during normal operation, and “uses 80% of the force to work” to ensure the overall operating stability of the engine and the reliability of the components.

More fuel-efficient: 15% lower fuel consumption, making the economy more prominent. Under the same operation conditions, the heavy commercial vehicles equipped with the WD12 engine can save about 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers. According to the general data of 250,000 kilometers per year, the annual fuel consumption can save tens of thousands of liters.

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