A new lunar excavator is used to make water and oxygen

According to foreign media reports, Lockheed Martin has produced the first small lunar excavator based on NASA orders - it will be used to collect lunar soil to produce the oxygen and water needed to maintain a long-term future base. .

As a spokesman for Lockheed Martin said, oxygen and water can be extracted from the lunar soil using heat and chemical reactions. Of course, you can also transport water from the Earth to the Moon.

The latest excavator developed by Lockheed Martin is only about a meter long. It can be used to find oxygen-rich rocks with cameras and lasers, and then take samples away with small buckets mounted on its wheels.

It's unclear whether NASA will launch this small wheeled robot on the moon at some point in the future, but in any case, it is fully capable of participating in the lunar excavator race announced by NASA a year ago. The competition for the development of lunar excavators will be held in mid-May this year.

In addition, NASA announced earlier that it will set aside $250,000 in prizes to reward one of the most effective technologies for using the lunar soil to make oxygen.

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