Coal Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Base Founded in Taiyuan

Shanxi Province in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period to support the large-scale construction projects --- Shanxi Taizhong Coal Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. and coal machinery and equipment manufacturing base recently formally laid the foundation in Taiyuan Economic and Technological Development Zone.

According to the introduction, Taizhong Coal Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is established by Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Coal Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd., Shanxi Pingyang Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Mingshida Coal Design Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Coal Mine. Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shanxi Machinery Manufacturing Corporation, Taiyuan Branch of China Coal Research Institute, Shanxi Explosion-proof Motors (Group) Co., Ltd., and Taiyuan Mining Machinery Group Electric Development Co., Ltd. were jointly established by nine companies.

The establishment of the company is an important measure to implement the three-year promotion plan for the integration and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province and the development of coal machinery complete sets of equipment. It effectively integrates the products, technologies, and market resources of coal mining machinery companies in Shanxi Province to play a role in The advantages of industrial clusters and the strengthening of the coal industry in Shanxi Province are of great significance.

The head of the Taizhong Group stated that in accordance with the idea of ​​"design as a leader in implementing general contracting and using technology as a support for the construction of model mines", the company will seize the opportunity of building a new 500-million-ton modern mine, and carry out various forms with coal companies. The cooperation will jointly build demonstration projects for complete sets of projects for coal mine equipment. In addition, the company will also seize the favorable opportunities in the restructuring of the coal industry and the automation and large-scale development of coal mining equipment, actively promote international technical cooperation, accelerate the pace of technological innovation and new product development, and strive to make the company the largest coal-fired equipment package in China. Manufacturing base.

At the same time, as a major construction project supported by Shanxi Province during the “11th Five-Year Plan” period, the construction of the Taimei Coal Mine Equipment Manufacturing Base will be combined with Taiyuan Mining Group’s “retreat from the city to enter the park” and the manufacture of coal mine underground well-mixed mining and comprehensive mining equipment. The goal is to build a state-of-the-art coal mining machinery production, testing, and complete set of bases that are of international importance, and gradually form a product structure platform that uses coal-fired equipment as the main industry and metallurgy mill products as necessary supplements.

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