Advantages of combined tool machining

Advantages of combined tool machining

Combined tool machining has the following advantages:

(1) high production efficiency: When a few surfaces are processed at the same time with the same kind of technology, the maneuvering time can be coincided. The auxiliary time can be reduced by the machining of one or several surface sequences with different kinds of combination tools. It can greatly improve the efficiency of production.

(2) high machining accuracy: The machining of combined tools can reduce the installation and positioning error of the workpiece, and ensure the higher position accuracy between the workpiece surface.

(3) low cost of machining: Because the combined tool has concentrated on the process or working steps, so it has reduced the number of machine tools or workstations, and saved the investment for the production automatic line, and has low requirement for the operator's technical level.

(4) wide range of machining: Hole machining combined tool can machining cylindrical hole, taper, thread hole, and also can machining counterbore countersink flat and convex table etc.. The combined milling cutter can be used to machining all kinds of plane and forming surfaces.