Foreign auto parts companies optimistic about the Chinese market, accelerate the deployment of new projects

In 2010, China's auto parts companies set off a wave of expansion. Recently, multinational auto parts giants Continental Group and Visteon have announced that they will expand their production capacity in China. Companies that hold core technologies in the auto parts market segment are also stepping up their efforts in China. Layouts, such as Megan, Sapa, and Hintercastle.

Multinational auto companies are optimistic about China's huge market and considerable profits. However, the close layout of multinational parts companies has also caused the industry's concerns about the outflow of profits from the auto industry. The current pattern of the Chinese auto market is that international capital accounts for 40% of the capital and occupies 50%. % of the share, draw 70% of profits.

The crux of the Chinese auto industry's large profits flow to the outside world is the weakness of its own brand strength and the lack of key component technologies. It is reported that the huge outflow of profits from the Chinese auto industry will continue for 20 years or even longer.

Global auto parts giants accelerated their deployment in China. On October 28, 2010, ContiTech, a subsidiary of the Continental Group, completed the formal expansion of its new plant, ContiTech Ocean Pipe (Changchun) Co., Ltd. It is understood that the total investment in the new factory is 30 million yuan. In 2011, the new plant will produce about 2.3 million automotive air-conditioning pipes, one-third more than the production volume in 2010. The plant will also produce more than 1 million pipes for the power steering system, fuel supply system, exhaust gas management and industrial sectors. road. In addition, the new plant will also produce turbocharger lubrication medium lines, turbocharger cooling oil lines, and oil cooling lines from 2011 onwards.

At the same time, the company established a new factory in March 2010 with an investment of 40 million euros in Changshu City. The new plant has three business units at the initial stage, namely air spring system (air suspension system), fluid technology (pipe and pipeline System) and vibration technology (including noise reduction), the products will be mainly supplied to China and other Asian markets, and ContiTech also intends to establish a compounding center in Changshu.

On October 26, 2010, Visteon, the auto parts giant, also announced the expansion of the company. The company's joint venture, Da Mao Visteon Automotive Lighting Co., Ltd. and Twi West Transportation Co., Ltd., expanded the plant by 10,400 square meters. In addition, due to the increase in injection molding, electroplating and assembly capacity, the plant's production efficiency after the expansion will also be fully improved.

The huge market for auto parts in China has also attracted a number of specialized multinational companies to “find gold” in China. Previously, MEGAPLASTICS, a world-renowned plastics auto parts company, claimed in early August that the company would consider establishing a new factory in north and south China. The new factory in the north may be located in Beijing, and the new factory in the south is expected to be located in Shenzhen. To meet the company's North-South layout.

It is understood that MEGA's main products are high-performance plastic auto parts products. Instead of some steel parts, it has been used in engine exhaust pipes and other related core areas to meet the automotive lightweight and reduce cost requirements.

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