Annual output of titanium dioxide will exceed 1.2 million tons

December 9 at the China Coating Association Titanium Dioxide Industry Annual Meeting held in Chongqing was informed that in 2010 China's total production of titanium dioxide will exceed 1.2 million tons. It is reported that as China has taken the lead in recovery and rapid development in the world's major economic systems, the demand for titanium dioxide in the paint, paint and other areas has soared, further stimulating the continued growth of the titanium dioxide market.
In 2010, under the influence of various favorable factors, titanium dioxide production companies showed a trend of both production and sales. The operating rate of the entire industry with 16 full-process rutile-type products, 9 rutile-type crude products, and 3 professional surface-treatment enterprises reached 80%. In 2010, the total titanium dioxide production capacity in the country will reach 2.25 million tons, and the total output will exceed 1.2 million tons, setting a record high. With the extensive application of international advanced equipment, processes and automatic control technologies in the country, as well as the continuous improvement of domestic titanium dioxide production technology and the continuous improvement of corporate management, the proportion of rutile products that represent the comprehensive capabilities of production enterprises has increased year by year, and the variety has grown to nearly one hundred. One. The company has changed the situation that only focused on product physical performance indicators in the past, and paid more attention to the application indicators such as high dispersion, high hiding power, and high weather resistance. The quality of rutile and anatase products in large and medium-sized companies has been improved. It has reached the international first-class level in the 1990s. Individual varieties have reached the international upper middle level today, and some of them can replace imported products in the middle and high-end fields.

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