How to solve the problem of shaking in refrigerating vehicles during driving

I believe that many drivers have encountered a problem when driving refrigerated trucks, that is, they are shaking during driving.


The phenomenon of jitter in refrigerated trucks is divided into: start jitter,   Idle jitter,   Acceleration jitter   , shift shake,   Reversing shake,   High-speed jitter, etc., is sometimes caused by poor working conditions of certain parts of the car. To maintain the car, some jitters are caused by improper driving of owners, especially new ones.


In the winter season, car shake is prone to occur. Friends of refrigerated car owners remember to slow down for a while after the cold car is started, carry out hot cars, and wait until the water temperature reaches normal speeds around 70 °C, such as long-term driving in urban areas with congested roads, and speeding up. Can be properly alleviated, such as severe jitter, the oil pipeline, throttle, air filter, etc. for maintenance and cleaning. When the refrigerated truck is shaken due to excessive carbon deposition, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Excessive carbon deposition tends to cause idle jitter after cold start. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil required for a cold start, and the more carbon deposition will affect the smooth start of a cold start. The poor operation of the ignition system and poor spark plug sparking conditions can also cause such failures. Instability in oil pressure and shock aging can also lead to unstable idling.

The cause and analysis of the shaking of the refrigerated truck during driving: The poor balance of tires requires the owner to do a four-wheel alignment and balancing as soon as possible. Caused by the deformation of the steel ring.   The unbalanced deformation of the transmission shaft causes the occurrence of more collisions with the chassis. Due to improper shifting of the refrigerated vehicle, the vibration of the body and the cooperation of the throttle do not lead to jitter. The frequency of shifting the car is very high. And how skilled the operation (especially manual transmission) directly affects the safety of people driving.  

Driving habits: Cooperating with the throttle is not good. There are problems with the transmission mechanism: clutch plates, pressure plates, guide bearings, or one-axis bearing aging. Damage to parts caused by vibration in the vehicle causing damage to the vehicle caused by the vibration of the cage. When the vehicle is rapidly accelerating, the engine transmission assembly is to be slightly turned over, thus changing the position of the force point, due to the axis of the axle and the inner ball. There is a certain angle in the axial direction of the cage, so this force point will continuously reciprocate in the axial direction during the rotation of the cage. The force generated by this change will push the body continuously to the left and right sides, that is, the above-mentioned “sieve” feeling occurs. First check if the left and right axles are bent. Secondly, the inner wall of the left and right inner cages were examined for wear and dents, or damaged by inner cages.

Vehicle shake is a signal to the owner of the refrigerated truck. The vehicle has experienced problems. Do not look at this as a trivial matter. If you do not pay attention to viewing, small things may cause major problems.

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