Jin Gang Group and the "2011 Automotive Powertrain Conference Joint Academic Annual Meeting" Held in Shijiazhuang

Recently, the "2011 Automotive Powertrain Conference Joint Academic Annual Meeting" was held in Shijiazhuang. The opening ceremony of the conference was hosted by Chen Xiaoxun, Minister of Engine of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle R&D Center. Wang Jiming, party secretary of the chairman of Shijiazhuang Jingang Internal Combustion Engine Components Co., Ltd., delivered the welcome speech as the organizer.

The “2011 Automotive Powertrain Conference Joint Academic Annual Meeting” was jointly sponsored by the Gasoline Gas Engine Branch of the China Internal Combustion Engine Society, the Autonomous Engine Institute of Hubei Province and the Auto Engine Division of the China Automotive Engineering Society. 55 papers were received at the APC Joint Academic Annual Meeting. After the review, 49 of them were selected to be collected in the 2011 APC Joint Academic Annual Conference Proceedings. The content of the paper covers six aspects of energy conservation and emission reduction technologies, advanced combustion technologies, alternative fuel technologies, and key component technologies, and highlights the theme of “energy conservation, emission reduction, reliable durability, and alternative fuels”, which basically reflects the vehicles of China in recent years. The latest research results developed with internal combustion engines.

The meeting arranged five special reports. Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer Liu Xianfeng of Jingang Group, Professor Yu Xiumin, Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor of Automotive Engineering Institute, Jilin University, Professor Li Guoxiang, Associate Dean of School of Energy and Power Engineering, Shandong University, and Director of Engine Engineering Research Institute of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Zhu Zhou Hang, senior engineer of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle R&D Center, made a special report. The special report on high-level housing development has conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the participants on aspects such as cutting-edge technology of automobile engines, energy conservation and emission reduction, and development of parts and components. The special report has a strong practical significance and guiding significance for the development of internal combustion engine technology. The report won applause from the participants.

It is reported that 25 papers were exchanged during the meeting. After exchanges, on-the-spot question answering, and expert review, a total of 18 award-winning papers were selected, including 3 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 8 third prizes. The conference awarded certificates and bonuses to the authors of the winning papers. The meeting was strongly supported by the contractors Shijiazhuang Jingang Group and the contractors Wuhan Dongdian Investment Management Co., Ltd., the editorial department of Automotive Technology, and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technology Center.

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Founded in 1963, the SAE-China is a national, academic legal person group voluntarily formed by Chinese automotive science and technology workers; an integral part of the China Association for Science and Technology, a non-profit social organization; and an international automobile. Member of the Federation of Engineering Societies (FISTA) and a member of the board of directors; is one of the sponsors of the International Pacific Conference on Automotive Engineering (IPC). Its purpose is: to promote the scientific and technological progress of China's auto industry; to cultivate the growth of automotive science and technology talent; to promote the exchange of non-governmental science and technology in the auto world; to disseminate and popularize automotive science and technology knowledge. China Automotive Engineering Society currently has 40,000 individual members and 200 group members. They participated in various activities organized by the Society’s Secretariat, various working committees, professional branches, the China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Progress Award Foundation, and the 30 provincial-level local societies and numerous municipal associations in order to promote the technology of the Chinese automobile industry. Development and progress have played an active role.

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Brake pads convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle to thermal energy through friction. Two brake pads are contained in the brake caliper, with their friction surfaces facing the rotor. When the brakes are hydraulically applied, the caliper clamps or squeezes the two pads together onto the spinning rotor to slow and stop the vehicle. When a brake pad heats up due to contact with the rotor, it transfers small amounts of its friction material onto the disc, leaving a dull grey coating on it. The brake pad and disc (both now having the friction material), then "stick" to each other, providing the friction that stops the vehicle.

In disc brakes, there are usually two brake pads per disc rotor. These are held in place and actuated by a caliper affixed to the wheel hub or suspension upright. Racing calipers, however, can utilize up to six pads, with varying frictional properties in a staggered pattern for optimum performance. Depending on the properties of the material, the weight of the vehicle and the speeds it is driven at, disc wear rates may vary. The brake pads must usually be replaced regularly (depending on pad material) to prevent brake fade. Most brake pads are equipped with a method of alerting the driver when this needs to be done. A common technique is manufacturing a small central groove whose eventual disappearance by wear indicates the end of a pad's service life. Other methods include placing a thin strip of soft metal in a groove, such that when exposed (due to wear) the brakes squeal audibly. A soft metal wear tab can also be embedded in the pad material that closes an electric circuit when the brake pad wears thin, lighting a dashboard warning light.

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