Liaoyang Petrochemical Aromatic Extraction Improvement Unit Successfully Drives Once

Recently, Liaoyang Petrochemical Company's 240,000 tons/year aromatics extraction and transformation unit was successfully launched at one time and produced qualified products, which laid a solid foundation for the company's large-scale reform project.
It is understood that Liaoyang Petrochemical's 189,000 tons/year old aromatics extraction plant has been in storage since its shutdown in 2006. In the adjustment of industrial structure, Liaoyang Petrochemical actively made use of idle assets. During the planning and construction of the 1.4 million tons/year reorganization project, the old aromatic extraction plant was listed as one of the important supporting projects for the large reform project.
The technical upgrading project of aromatics extraction plant began in November last year and will be completed by the end of October this year. The transformation includes the overall replacement of the extraction tower, the replacement of the upper part of the stripper and the packing, the replacement of the lower end of the tower to reduce the tower body and all the trays, vacuum systems, replacement parts of the pump and heat exchanger tube bundles. After the transformation, the device can produce pumped oil and pumped surplus oil annually for 156,000 tons and 84,000 tons respectively.
In order to achieve a safe and green drive, Liaoyang Petrochemical Company has issued more than 30 “stopping work cards” during the construction of the project. In the “three checks and four determinations”, it has launched professional personnel to identify more than 200 items of various problems. Ensure the entire project construction quality and quantity.

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