Wuxi Cummins Launches Small Turbocharger with Turbocharger Technology

At the 9th China International Combustion Engine and Components Exhibition that opened on November 29, Wuxi Cummins Turbo Compressor Technology Co., Ltd. officially launched a new series of turbochargers with 2-5 litre diesel engines.

According to the company's technical personnel, the small turbocharger launched by Wuxi Cummins Turbo Technology Co., Ltd. was developed using proprietary tools and has excellent reliability and economy. Based on the core advantages of Cummins turbocharger technology in the engine and supercharger field, such as aerodynamics, engine matching and engine system simulation, the company has also introduced new engineering methods to ensure that the small supercharger products are lightweight and compact. , durable and reliable, and meet the needs of domestic customers.

The reporter also learned from the press conference that the launch of the small turbocharger is a masterpiece of Wuxi Cummins Turbocharger Technology Co., Ltd. that complies with the development trend of engine miniaturization and meets its own development needs. It is based on the latest technological achievements of Cummins turbocharged, developed by the Cummins turbocharged engineering and technical experts from the United Kingdom, China and India, and optimized the product according to the requirements of small engines. The introduction of the small supercharger not only satisfies the market's demand for higher fuel economy, but also will help Wuxi Cummins turbocharger technology develop a broader market segment.

Wuxi Cummins has also developed a VGT (Variable-area turbocharger) for 2 to 5 litre diesel engines to meet future higher emission requirements. The proprietary sliding variable cross-section technology helps to increase engine braking performance, extend the life of the entire vehicle's brake system, and extend the maintenance cycle of the brake system.

With the increasingly stringent Chinese emission regulations, the rapid growth of the light vehicle market, the increase in the diesel fuel ratio of the engine, and the rising oil prices, the demand for small turbocharged engines in the domestic market is also increasing. It is reported that Wuxi Cummins Turbocharged Technology Co., Ltd. has Cummins Turbo Technology's world's most advanced production plant, and is the world's first company to produce new series of small turbochargers in Cummins Turbo Technology, and it is synchronized with global technology.

Chen Hua, general manager of Wuxi Cummins Turbo Technology Co., Ltd. stated: "The release of the company's 5 millionth product in the offline and small supercharger products in October this year shows that Wuxi Cummins turbocharged technology has a rapid growth in production capacity. The continuous breakthrough in technological R&D capability also marks the full coverage of small, medium and heavy power engines in Wuxi Cummins turbocharged technology."

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