Ninghai Seed Company dryer officially put into use

Ninghai Seed Company invested more than 200,000 yuan to buy two dryers that were put into use. The two dryers can dry 3-4 thousand kilograms of rice a day, which not only guarantees the quality of seeds that the company operates, but also provides support to local farmers and improves their resilience. The picture shows farmers are putting rice in the dryer.

concrete mixer 
Mobile Portable Cement Concrete Mixer can turn over 360 degree at both sides when it works. The drum revolves for mixing and reverses for discharging. 

Power source: diesel and electrical engine

1. Mobile Portable Cement Concrete Mixer adds a water pump for water circulation between water tank of the engine and the radiator, which keeps the engine water temperature to be stable.
2. To remove the air sucking point from the back to the front is able to avoid sucking the dust. It will be good to prolong the service life of the engine.
3. It has the advantages of compact structure, higher reliability, mixing evenly, big capacity, easy operation, easily movable between sites, etc. The reverse drum concrete mixing machine is widely used in building site, road and bridge project, and many other construction sites

concrete mixer

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