The first set of vehicle airway edge online monitoring system was successfully developed.

During the National Science and Technology Conference, the Ministry of Science and Technology held a major achievement exhibition of scientific and technological innovation at the Beijing Exhibition Hall. Since the launch, visitors have been in constant stream, but few people know that in order to maintain the air in the pavilion, a national “863” achievement serves as both an exhibit and a real-time monitoring of the air quality in the pavilion. The result is an urban air quality automatic monitoring system completed by the Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. During the exhibition, when the person in charge of the exhibition hall saw that the system showed that the air quality in the museum exceeded the standard, the wind intensity was increased to ensure that the visitors could have a good and comfortable environment.

According to Liu Wenqing, director of the Anhui Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the system can measure the amount of pollutants emitted by motor vehicles in a vehicle within one second. It is the first motor vehicle exhaust with independent intellectual property rights in China. The on-line monitoring system for emissions roads has made China one of the few countries to master this technology.

Researchers have successfully developed multi-parameter urban air quality monitoring systems such as optical multi-channel trace component detection system, gas-related filtering NDIR gas monitor, aerodynamic particle spectrum analyzer and oscillating balance particle monitor using environmental optics. The station system has achieved a number of innovative results, and has realized the automatic monitoring of CO, CO2, NO, HC and other pollutants in the exhaust gas emitted by the motor vehicle during driving, and can automatically record the license plate number in real time.

It is reported that the design idea and technical route of the system are novel, the spectral analysis method and concentration inversion software of vehicle exhaust emission types, the unique PDA+DSP system, the second harmonic spectrum detection of TDLAS wavelength scanning + modulation, etc. The core technologies are innovative. The whole system has obtained 11 patents, including 3 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, and 2 software intellectual property registrations. At present, the system has passed the technical test of the relevant state departments, obtained the license of manufacturing measuring instruments in the People's Republic of China, and achieved the annual target of more than 40 million yuan in overall sales.

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