Second hand sprinkler pump can not suck water how is it?

The scorching summer season has already arrived. According to the situation in previous years, it was easy to see various problems in summer sprinkler operations. In particular, some second-hand sprinklers are prone to some breakdowns. In the summer, the water pump of the sprinkler cannot suck water, which is a problem that many users often encounter. Objectively speaking, this problem can be very big or small. If the pump can only operate normally, it cannot be watered. It is a minor problem. Don't worry, but on the contrary, it may be more troublesome. Let's take a quick look at what is going on.


Let's take a look at the first case. The used sprinkler pump can run normally, but what is the reason for not absorbing water? As mentioned above, as long as the water pump can operate normally, it is not a big problem. As long as the riders carefully inspect, it should be solved immediately. It may be due to the lack of water in the pump due to insufficient water diversion. Therefore, it is sufficient to add enough water to the pump.

Secondly, pay attention to checking the transmission and observe if it is caused by too low speed. At this time, you can increase the throttle and try to pump water. Or observe if the suction process is too high and water absorption is not possible. The self-priming height of the water pump of most sprinklers is kept at about six to seven meters. Once the height is exceeded, the water will be hard to suck. Come up.

After checking these things, we must thoroughly check whether the pipeline of the inhalation system is blocked by foreign matter. Also, we must pay attention to see if there are impurities at the inlet of the pump. It is better to clean the filter by the way, so that after the impurities are removed, Can absorb water. If the pump can not run normally, there may be damage to the impeller and can not suck the water, then this time there is no other way to replace the pump, we must go to a professional repair shop to repair. The above is a solution to the problem of the second hand sprinkler pump not absorbing water, and I hope to bring some help to the riders!

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