The main features of cast iron gate

Cast iron gates are widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, municipal construction, water supply and drainage, aquaculture, and agricultural water conservancy projects.

1, the gate structure is reasonable, easy to install, easy and flexible operation, easy to manage.

2, anti-corrosion ability, can be used in PH = 6-8 fluid acid and alkali.

3, good water stop effect; normal water infiltration L ≤ 0.07L/m. s.

4. According to the structure of the gate, it is divided into: PZ plane flat door and PGZ plane arch door, which can be divided into two types: integral type and assembly type.

5, specifications complete from 0.2x0.2-6.5x6.5m (6.5x6.5m meters maximum head number is 6.5m meters); outlet> = 3 meters, double-sweeping point gate.

6. Cast iron gates are mainly used for positive pressure and water stoppage, and the reverse stop gate can be manufactured according to the needs of users.

7, in the structure using hardened machined water, large gate bottom seal water can also use rubber sealing water.

8, according to user requirements, can be used inlaid copper or stainless steel seal water.

9, the gate normal use of the first 1-6 meters of water, but also can withstand a certain degree of reverse head, in order to meet user requirements, can create high head gate.

10, the gate installation with the overall installation, the second phase of pouring, the sealing gap between the gate and the gate frame adjusted to 0.3mm below, before the second phase pouring.

11. When pouring concrete, the mortar flowing into the gaps of the gate, gate frame, inclined iron and baffle must be removed to prevent the mortar from solidifying and affecting the opening and closing of the gate.

12. The upper and lower frames of the gate are provided with a fixed block to prevent the gate from sliding out during the process of transportation and lifting. After the installation is solidified (before use), the fixed block of the upper gate frame and the bolt of the lower frame must be removed to start the bolt. .

13, when the cast iron gate opens and closes, it should pay attention to the upper and lower plate limit position of the gate, so as not to damage the gate or hoist

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