Transgenic Technology Becomes Rice's "killer"

The larvae of the aphids that injurious to rice have been bred by Zhejiang University in the past day. Once they eat the stems and leaves of this rice, they will die within two days. This new result has long-term significance for solving the problem of locust infestation.
This new strain of transgenic rice resistant to aphids was a joint selection of the Institute of Nuclear Agriculture and Applied Entomology Research Institute of Zhejiang University. Indica rice stably transmits and expresses resistance genes, which are highly resistant to common borer borer, rice borer borer, and vertical leaf roll. The newly hatched larvae will generally die within two days after eating glutinous rice. . At present, there are two stable new strains of early rice infestation, named Huachi 2000BI and Huachi 2000B6.
Prior to this, Kejin had been defined as the safest grade by the Agriculture Genetically Modified Organism Safety Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and passed food safety certification. The study also showed that Kechangdao had no significant effect on other insects in the paddy field and would not destroy ecological diversity.