Agricultural vehicle battery winter frost six key points

In winter, if the battery is improperly maintained after the agricultural vehicle is deactivated, it can easily cause the battery to be frozen and difficult to repair or scrap. Therefore, it is very important for the battery to be protected against freezing in winter. The following six points must be observed:

First, the greenhouse overhead storage battery should not be stored in the room above 0 °C when not in use, and should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storage, clean the outside of the battery, add enough electrolyte, and fully charge the screw. After every other month, make a supplementary charge. Check the electrolyte level every two weeks. If it is insufficient, add it immediately. This will keep the battery safe for winter.

Second, to improve the ratio of liquid electrolyte consists of water and sulfuric acid, the higher the content of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, the higher the specific gravity of the electrolyte, the lower the temperature of the electrolyte icing. To this end, localities can select suitable electrolyte specific gravity according to the local minimum winter temperature to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.

Third, to maintain the state of full power in the winter, when the battery is discharged 50%, the electrolyte is in danger of freezing. Therefore, the extent of battery discharge in winter should not exceed 50%. Always check the battery's power status, and add it in time if it is insufficient.

Fourth, increase the temperature of the electrolytic solution The temperature of the electrolyte has a great influence on the capacity of the battery. When the ambient temperature decreases by 1°C, the capacity will decrease by 1% to 2%. Therefore, pay attention to increase the temperature of the electrolyte, the locomotive should be parked indoors, or place the battery above 0 °C.

Fifth, the liquid is mixed evenly The battery should be mixed with the electrolyte after adding distilled water. If it is too late to mix, the distilled water that floats on the electrolyte will freeze. Therefore, to add distilled water to the battery, it should be immediately charged, or add distilled water while charging, the electrolyte and distilled water can be quickly mixed, so that it will not be frozen.

Sixth, regular inspection start system should be regularly checked and maintained. The voltage regulator can be adjusted to increase the charging voltage to 0.60V. Each startup must not exceed 3 to 5 seconds. If it does not start once, it should stop for 1 minute before starting. Continuous start for a long time will damage the starter motor and the battery.

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