This month, the auto market will usher in the peak of sales. Compact cars will be favored again.

The Tiger Car Market in 2010 has entered the last month. Combined with previous years' sales practices in the auto market and market trends this year, this month's auto market is expected to usher in the peak of sales.

It is understood that with the approach of the end of the year, the purchase tax incentive policy for more than a year will soon reach the limit period, and all kinds of legends for the taxation of vehicles and ships and limit orders will surface, and the various uncertainties in the market will allow long-term savings. The consumption potential will be released in the near future. Prospective owners hope to take the last train of preferential policies and drive the car home.

The potential for consumption will be released this month in a concentrated manner this month. The auto market will have a concentrated volume period, and this year, compared to previous years, the market may be better than expected.

According to the traditional laws, the last few days of the end of the year are basically the final stage of the impulse of the car dealer. In order to complete the sales plan for the whole year, the manufacturer will surely launch a substantial discount to attract consumers.

According to a survey carried out by a car website network and associated Yuanxin network data, people still have a high degree of enthusiasm for car purchases at the end of the year. Among them, 30% believe that they will follow the law that the car prices will be reduced to the minimum at the end of the year. Considering buying a car, 32% would consider buying a car because of the dealer's vigorous promotion at the end of the year.

In addition to the substantial enthusiasm for car purchases at the end of the year, uncertainties in this year's policies will also accelerate the early release of consumption potential.

It is understood that after the end of this month, the purchase tax preferential policies will be withdrawn from the automobile market. Coupled with the various legends that are not conducive to the auto market's consumption tax increases and limit orders, the market's various uncertainties will greatly promote Prospective owners are buying cars ahead of schedule.

Under the influence of traditional consumption laws and policies, the auto market will surely usher in a new peak of consumption this month.

Compact cars will be held back again. Since the preferential tax policy of "suppressing great benefits" will end after this month, compact cars with a displacement of 1.6L or less in the benefit range will once again be favored by consumers.

According to another survey, compact cars were more popular among people at the end of the year. Among them, 37% think it is more cost-effective to purchase a compact car by the end of the year. From this we can see that entering the end of the sprint stage, the sales prospects of the compact car market are promising.

Insiders pointed out that in addition to the above reasons, there are two major factors leading to the end of the year for small-displacement cars. First of all, it is affected by the tax adjustment of the vehicle. At present, the mid-range vehicles in the 1.6L--2.5L displacement range of the most important part of the auto market are mostly ordinary working-class consumers. They are quite sensitive to prices. Once the taxes on vehicles and boats are adjusted, the most affected are certainly those who have the desire to buy cars. A consumer group with a limited budget. Second, the manufacturer's production capacity and vehicle allocation have always been fixed, and production capacity cannot be arbitrarily increased. The vehicle allocation to dealers is also quantified every month. Therefore, it is estimated that the price of the car before the Spring Festival does not fall back.

Relatively speaking, the sales demand in the luxury car market and mid-to-high-end car market will not be subject to much fluctuation due to the arrival of the end of the year.

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