DNA Fingerprint Library Biotechnology to Promote Traditional Agricultural Breeding

Jinzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences closely follows the development trend of biotechnology, adopts mature technologies at an appropriate time, and opens up new research fields. The Institute of Biotechnology has recently been established, providing strong technical backing for the development of agriculture in Jinzhou. The Institute of Biology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has set up three topics: corn molecular marker assisted breeding, tissue culture breeding, and sheep embryo transfer. The application of molecular marker technology simplifies the selection of a large number of cumbersome forms, predicts a strong combination of advantages, reduces blind matching, greatly shortens the gap in quality breeding, and thus enhances breeding efficiency.

Extend the application of molecular marker technology, draw the DNA fingerprints that have been bred into corn, establish a purity identification security system, and establish a DNA fingerprinting library for popularized maize varieties in Jinzhou City and western Liaoning Province, and carry out varieties protection and anti-counterfeiting work for the varieties of our city. Property rights protection as technical support. Sheep embryo transfer technology has begun to enter the stage of industrialization, to carry out market-oriented operations, to obtain initial results, and to promote and promote the development of sheep breeding industry in Jinzhou and surrounding areas. In addition, tissue culture laboratories have begun to take shape.