Maize micronutrient symptoms and remedy

In the process of growth and development of corn, in addition to the three major nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, but also boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum and other trace elements. Although these trace elements are used in small quantities, their role is irreplaceable. No matter what kind of element is missing, it will affect the normal growth and development of corn and become a limiting factor for high quality and high yield of corn. Therefore, we must pay attention to the application of micro-fertilizer production, symptomatic treatment, to ensure high yield and quality of corn.
1 Symptoms and Recovery of Zinc Deficiency Symptoms: Slow growth of plants and short internodes. Zinc is deficient in the seedling stage and early growth stage. The lower half of the new leaf appears pale yellow or white. After the leaf grows, yellowish spots or lacking green stripe spots appear between the veins, and white veins can be seen between the midrib and the edges. The yellow tissue is broad-spectrum or necrosis, after which the leaves suddenly turn black and have a special metallic luster. The plants die after 3-5 days. During the late growth period, zinc deficiency occurs, and the silking and tasseling periods of the ear are delayed. The ear is short of seed and bald.
Remedy: Spray foliar spray of 0.1%-0.2% zinc sulfate solution 2-3 times, spray 7-10 days, about 3 kg per 667m 3 spray fertilizer solution.
2 Symptoms of boron deficiency and remedy; weak young leaves do not develop and white tissue appears. The leaves easily withered, with white stripes between the veins of the old leaves; the plants grew thin and short, the ear was malformed, the grains were unevenly arranged, shrunken, and the top grains were empty.
Remedy: Foliar spray fertilizer solution 2-3 times, spray about 10 days 1 time, every 667 meters 3 spray 0.2% of boric acid or borax solution 50 kg or so. If you choose borax, first use a small amount of warm water to dissolve it, then add fresh water and spray it in time.
3 Symptoms and remedy for manganese deficiency: The young leaves turn yellow, and the leaves show chlorotic stripes that are parallel to the veins. The veins remain green. The yellow stripes can expand one by one to form variegated spots, and the leaves are soft and sagging.
Remedy: Foliar spray of 0.05% -0.1% of manganese sulfate solution, 5-7 days 1, even spray 2 times, each time every 667 meters 3 spray fertilizer solution about 50 kg.