· Dongfeng Honda recalled 1.039 million vehicles due to airbag problems

On June 21, the reporter was informed that Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. recalled some domestic Siwei, Civic, Platinum Rui and imported Civic Hybrid vehicles from July 31, totaling 1.039 million.

The recalled car models include the 2007-2011 Thinker (CR-V) multi-purpose passenger car produced between April 12, 2006 and January 12, 2012, with a total of 533,350 vehicles;

The 2006-2011 CIVIC brand sedan produced between August 2, 2005 and August 19, 2011, was 456,581 units; 2010, produced between September 18, 2009 and November 15, 2011. - In 2011, the number of SPIRIOR cars was 48,309; the number of imported Civic Hybrids (CIVICHYBRID) from 2007 to 2011, which was produced between March 19, 2007 and October 5, 2010, totaled 684.

During the revocation period, some of the vehicle front side airbags may be damaged when the front airbag is deployed, causing the debris to fly out, which may damage the inside of the vehicle and pose a safety hazard.

Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

As the consumption of plastic products continues to increase, the amount of waste plastics continues to increase.

At present, Chinese waste plastics are mainly plastic film, plastic wire and woven goods, foam plastics, plastic packaging boxes and containers, daily-use plastic products, plastic bags and agricultural mulch films.

In addition, the annual consumption of plastics for automobiles in China has reached 400,000 tons, and the annual consumption of plastics for electronic appliances and home appliances has reached more than 1 million tons. These products have become one of the important sources of waste plastics after being scrapped.

It is understood that in 2011, the amount of waste plastics produced in China was about 28 million tons, and in 2012 it was 34.13 million tons. The storage, transportation and processing of these waste plastics, pending the application and post-treatment of the discarded plastic raw materials, will inevitably damage the environment and endanger the health of the people.

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