Barcode lockers are not afraid to face challenges

Barcode lockers are not afraid to face challenges! Barcode lockers are one of the many types of lockers. To say so many types of lockers, the competition is fierce. In accordance with the opening method is divided into: bar code lockers, credit card lockers, self-owned password lockers, fingerprint lockers, the face of a variety of locker challenges, bar code lockers and did not deter.

The barcode locker program has a high degree of security: the bar code is used as a retrieval voucher to improve the confidentiality of the voucher. The system randomly selects a 10-digit code system with a repetition probability of 1/10000000000. Two ways to open the door: The bar code printed on the system is printed with a bar code and a password. When the bar code is folded and rubbed and there is a defect, as long as the password number can be seen, the door can still be opened after the input.

The management is simple: There is an infrared detection system in the box, which can detect whether there are items in each box in real time, and the administrator can perform the self-test of the locker, check the bins, clear the occupation of the bar code but not the box grid. Single box lock function: When a box or a line fails, the system automatically opens the next normal box when printing, which does not affect the use of the entire cabinet.

Applicable people can choose: The system can identify the coin acceptor with currency. In special occasions, the user can set it as a certain type of coin, and only use the specified locker in the specified currency.

The operation record can be queried: the query record can print out the operation record of the access object within the last 200 times, and can check the time of the deposit, whether the item is placed, the closing time, the time of taking the object, the way of opening the door. The administrator operation records within the last 100 times can be queried. The record shows operations performed as an administrator such as forced opening of the door, clearing of a door occupied by a password, but no box in the box.

Barcode lockers use a wide range of applications, many supermarket shopping malls are using bar code lockers, bar code lockers simple and convenient operation, and very high security, infrared recognition speed, for the rubbing of the password paper is still very high Recognition rate, to say what kind of locker, barcode locker is preferred.
Barcode lockers are not afraid to face challenges

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