Gao Yuqing Ren Xinzhong Director of the Analytical Instruments Branch of the Instrument Association

The first meeting of the sixth session of the China Instrument Industry Association Analytical Instrument Association was held in Dandong from September 1st to the 3rd, 2011. Nearly 50 member units attended this session. Yan Zengxuan, Secretary-General of China Instrument Association, and Guo Xiaowei, Deputy Secretary-General attended the meeting. The leaders of Dandong City Government and Dandong Investment Promotion Bureau attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting was chaired by the former Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Li Yu, General Manager of Dalian Elite Co., Ltd. and Cao Naiyu, Sub-Secretary General Secretary, made a work report. Guo Xiaowei, the deputy secretary-general of the General Assembly, on behalf of the General Assembly read out the reply letter of approval for the analysis of the change plan of the instrumentation branch.

The meeting elected 37 companies including Beijing Beifen Ruili Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and other companies to form the sixth council; Gao Yuqing, general manager of Beijing Beifen Ruili Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. was elected as chairman, and Fang Ping, director of Chengdu Instrument Factory, Chairman of Beijing General Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd. Tian Wei, Chairman of Jiangsu Tianrui Instrument Co., Ltd. Liu Zhaogui, General Manager of Nanjing Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. Zhu Jianping, Executive Vice President of Shanghai Precision Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Tang Zhidong, Beijing Branch Zhang Yongming, Chairman of Instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhang Xinmin, Chairman of Beijing Huaxia Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Li Wei, Chairman of Dalian Elite Analysis Instruments Co., Ltd., Chairman of Shandong Gaomi Rainbow Analysis Instrument Co., Ltd., and Qiu Falin, President of Concentration Technology Co., Ltd. Yao Naxin, Chairman of Chongqing Chuanyi Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd., Feng Pei, Xu Guoping, General Manager of Shanghai Tianmei Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd., and 12 corporate leaders were elected as deputy directors; Cao Naiyu, Assistant Director of Beijing Institute of Analytic Instruments, was elected as the sixth council member. Secretary-General; Shanghai Precision Science Huang Qing of Instrument Co., Ltd. and Zhang Yaohua of Beijing Institute of Analytical Instruments were elected as Deputy Secretary-General. The meeting also voted on the work summary of the Fifth Council and the working regulations of the sixth Council.

Gao Yuqing made his election speech. He first thanked the member companies for their trust and believed that the elected president is both an honor and a responsibility. Although he has insufficient experience, he is determined to quickly enter the role and do a good job.

The club’s board of directors has determined the working ideas for the next four years: strengthen the awareness of service members, make full use of the resources advantages of the association, provide services for member units, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, and determine the development goals for the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” around the enterprises. Supporting government project support; making full use of Analytical Instruments magazine to expand market awareness for corporate reputation enhancement; with the active support of the organizers, “analytical instruments” have become the industry’s iconic sci-tech periodicals; assisting companies in accordance with the needs of industrial development Carry out on-the-job training to train high and medium-level technicians for the company.

Secretary-General Yan Zengxuan of the General Conference spoke at the meeting and gave a special report on the "Operations of Analytical Instruments and the Development of Scientific Instruments for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan." He fully affirmed the process and results of this election. He hoped that the analytical instrument branch would continue to grow and expand under the leadership of the sixth council.

The conference was strongly supported by the Dandong Merchants Bureau and Dalian Elite Co., Ltd. The meeting was a complete success.

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