How torque wrenches work

How torque wrenches work
The working principle of torque wrenches, with the advancement of science and technology, the rapid development of the industry, the use of torque wrenches is more and more common, the use of torque wrenches is also more accurate, such as the traditional torque wrench evolved into a set of ratchet torque wrenches, Explicit torque wrenches, preset torque wrenches, etc., although the categories will be different, but their principle is roughly the same.
The following three steps to illustrate:
1. First, set the required torque value on the wrench (pressed by the spring sleeve on the top rod to the torque release joint), lock the torque wrench to tighten the bolt, and when the bolt reaches the torque value (when the torque is greater than After the pressure of the spring, there will be a momentary disjoint effect. At the moment of disengagement effect, the “Kata” sound produced by the joint tapping the metal shell of the wrench will be issued. This will confirm the reminding effect of reaching the torque value. (In fact, Our arm joints are bent into the iron pipe and the 15 degree bend in the iron pipe will immediately hit the principle of steel pipe.
2. The "Kata" issued by the torque wrench is generated by its own internal torque release structure. Its structure is divided into three structures: a compression spring, a torque release joint, and a torque rod.
3. After the torque wrench issues a "Kata" sound, it is prompted to reach the torque value you requested.
Some understanding of the above principles, the following talk about the technical operation of torque wrenches, wrenches are used like this:
1. When the torque wrench is used, it is most suitable when you hear a "click"
2, in the use of torque wrenches, we must first select the moderate range according to the requirements of the measurement part, the measured torque value can not be less than 20 percent of the torque range in use, too large range should not be used for small torque parts Reinforced, small-scale torque device can not be used over-range
3. When using the torque wrench, first connect the force pawl to the auxiliary parts (such as the sleeve, all kinds of mouthpieces) to ensure that the connection is no problem. Before the torsion is reinforced, set the force value to be reinforced, and Lock the locking device and adjust the direction change button to the direction of the force.
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Torque wrench
Torque wrench
Torque wrench
Torque wrench
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