How to clean the car interior?

Now people have to drive every day to work, because the busy car is not maintained in time. Even if it is maintained, there is no time to clean the inside of the car. Everyday, when I go to work, I sit in the car. The car is uncomfortable and unclean, which affects my health. Therefore, I have to clean the car frequently to keep the car inside. Let me tell you how to clean the car interior.

How to clean the car interior?

Why do interior cleaning:

1. Create good environmental protection in the car: Carpets, seats, air conditioning vents, trunks, etc. in the car interior are often exposed to moist air or water stains. In certain environments, these areas are the most susceptible to bacterial growth. It makes the interior moldy and emits odor, which not only affects the indoor air environment, but also poses a threat to health.

2, extend the life of the car interior: the interior of the cleaning, sterilization, deodorization, can effectively prevent the corrosion of various dirt on the interior.

How to clean the car interior?

Interior cleaning parts:

Instrument panel, center console, floor, ceiling, seat, trunk

The way to clean the interior:

Indoor sauna: jet steam cleaning using a high temperature steam sauna.

Ozone sterilization: The ozone generator is used to produce ozone ions to adsorb bacteria for sterilization purposes.

Cleaning agent cleaning: Use professional cleaning agent to scrub all parts of the car to remove dirt.

It is recommended that the above three methods be combined to more thoroughly clean the interior.

Do car owners know about the knowledge of car washing? They often clean the body or the benefits of the car. While cleaning the car, the owners must pay attention to car maintenance. Car safety is the most important.

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