Introduction to the correct steps for the crusher to be debugged

The correct steps for the crusher to be debugged are divided into the following four points:

1. For the dual-motor drive of the crusher, the spindle assembly and the motors on both sides are connected by the same number of V-belts, and the tension of the V-belts on both sides should be adjusted to be the same and straight. After the inspection is correct, the empty load and load test must be carried out before the handover to the production, so that the test can only be handed over to the production department.

Second, it is necessary to check whether the motor wiring of the crusher is correct and the voltage is normal (normal voltage 380V).

3. Check whether the joints of the components of the crusher are firm and reliable, and carefully check whether there are any foreign objects on the impeller. If necessary, clean and remove them.

4. Before installing the drive belt, first jog the motor, the direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction of the sign of the crusher (this can be seen from the feed port, the impeller rotates counterclockwise), if the direction of the sign is opposite, the motor wiring should be adjusted. , so that it is in the same direction as the sign of the crusher.

Properly perform the above steps and operate according to the standard to do the debugging work of the stone breaker.

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