Jaw dryer

The machine is characterized by the material placed in the furnace of an iron plate heated drying. The main types are sandblasting plates, rake dryers and scraper dryers.
The sanding board (drying pit) is the simplest as shown.

As can be seen from the figure, the iron plate is placed on the flue of the burning furnace, the flame heats the iron plate, and the materials receive heat and dry. Such drying facilities are low in cost and are not prone to dust during production. But the thermal efficiency and productivity is very low, only for small beneficiation plant. For example, Jiangxi Ganzhou Select Plant dry tungsten, molybdenum , niobium and other concentrates use drying pits, the specifications are: 5000 × 1300 mm and 4400 × 1960 mm, the processing capacity is 0.094 ~ 1.2 tons / hour. The dry bismuth concentrate of the South Smelter of the Tin Mine Mining Bureau uses a 15050 × 4250 mm drying pit with a treatment capacity of 2.5 to 3.75 ton / hr (10% moisture content of the dried product).

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