Technical requirements for mining of marble

Marble mine size and length of service requirements: annual blocks greater than 10 000m 3, 30a over the service life; annual blocks 5 000 ~ 10 000m 3, the service life of 25 ~ 30a; annual blocks 3 000 ~ 5 000m 3 , service years 20 ~ 25a; less than 3 000m 3 , service years below 20a.
(1) Height of the step of the mining site The method of drilling or splitting or controlled blasting is adopted, the step height is 3~5m; the diamond bead saw is separated, the step height is 5~10m; the ordinary steel wire saw is separated, and the step height is 2~6m. The step slope angle is generally 90°.
(2) Working line length Fracture mining 15~60m; steel wire saw mining 20~80m; rock drilling controlled blasting method mining 60~120m.
The minimum working platform width is 20~25m.

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