Type of copper sulfide ore

Copper ore more types, according to their type Causes of copper roughly divided into five categories: porphyry copper molybdenum (Dexing, copper, etc. Zhongtiaoshan is such); copper pyrite type copper (white silver, Wu Hill); skarn copper (Tongguanshan, copper tonglushan abundance Hill); layered copper (Chuan vehicles, etc.) and veinlets disseminated type copper. In addition, there are still sandstone copper mines (Yunding, Yunnan, etc.).
Other useful components according to their different selected from copper ore can be divided into six categories: single copper, copper sulfide ores, pyrite copper, molybdenum copper, with nickel, copper and cobalt, copper is relatively simple and easy selected from single However, there are not many copper mines in China.
Since the floatability of gold minerals is very similar to the floatability of copper sulfide minerals, it is necessary to master the flotation method and law of copper sulfide ore for flotation of gold-bearing ores. Only the flotation of copper-sulfur and copper-molybdenum copper sulfide ore is described here.

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