Kangyue Supercharger was ranked the leader in China's internal combustion engine parts industry

The China Combustion Engine Industry Association and the China Industry News jointly organized the China's internal combustion engine and parts industry's vanguard activities revealed that Kangyue Technology Co., Ltd. won the vanguard of the internal combustion engine parts industry. This event was carried out in the member companies of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association. Based on the principle of rigorous, scientific, fair, and just, a total of 28 leading companies in the Chinese internal combustion engine industry and 80 Chinese engine manufacturers in the internal combustion engine parts industry were selected.

In the next step, Kangyue will continue to increase its investment in science and technology, transform the mode of economic growth, deepen the implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction development policies, and achieve better results in meeting the needs of national economic development and serving domestic and foreign users. The development of the supercharger industry has become a benchmarking company.

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