Portable Heavy Metal Detector Provides Security for Rice Planting Safety

For the safety of rice cultivation, the soil quality and safety of planting the field is directly related to the safety of rice cultivation and affects the quality of rice. Although there are many types of soil pollution, soil heavy metal pollution is undoubtedly the most serious type of pollution for rice and other food crops, and it also poses a serious threat to food security. Therefore, before planting rice, in order to eliminate planting safety hazards, special soil instruments such as portable heavy metal detectors are used to carry out soil heavy metal detection prior to sowing, which can ensure the safety of field soil, increase the food safety quality of rice, and promote the greenness of rice. Pollution production.

Soil heavy metal rapid detector

Rice is different from other crops in that its unique gene determines rice's strong ability to absorb soil substances. Studies have shown that rice's absorption of cadmium pollution is significantly stronger than other crop varieties such as corn and soybeans. Therefore, if the content of such heavy metals in the soil exceeds the standard, rice grown on this land will often suffer from pollution, become unsafe food, and enter the market, causing serious food security. ACCIDENT. Therefore, the use of portable heavy metal detectors to carry out the relevant detection of heavy metal substances in paddy soils is an important task for ensuring the safety of rice cultivation and avoiding the loss of farmers' interests. It is also an important technical measure for improving the quality of modern food security and is of great significance for food safety protection. .

At present, with the rapid development of modern agriculture, the green and pollution-free methods of agricultural production are becoming more and more popular. To achieve one goal, it is necessary to pay attention to all kinds of influencing factors in crop cultivation activities. Soil, as the foundation for agricultural cultivation, deserves more attention. For rice cultivation, the use of portable heavy metal detectors for the detection of heavy metal content in paddy soils can provide a scientific basis for the quality assessment of rice soil and provide important technical support for the safety protection of rice cultivation. This safe and healthy modern plant management approach is also applicable to other food crop production.

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