Test the working principle and characteristics of rice mill

The quality inspection of cereals such as rice, such as yellow grains, lesions, and abdomen, needs to be carried out after the shelling and whitening process first, and then it can be carried out, that is, the inspection samples that meet the requirements are prepared first. Modern food testing such as rice is usually conducted using a rice inspector to complete the process of rice husking and brown rice whitening at a time. This kind of shelling has high whiteness rate, few broken rice, large sampling, easy operation, and convenient carrying. The professional shelling and whitening instrument has facilitated the smooth development of rice and other quality inspections, and also met the actual needs of the current grain storage and storage, rice processing and other fields. It is an ideal equipment for the relevant departments to judge the quality of rice.

Inspection rice mill

The rice milling process is a process of peeling part or all of the skin layer on the surface of brown rice using a physical or chemical method. The working principle of the inspection rice mill is to use mechanical force to peel and whiten the brown rice, using a physical method, it can also be said to be a mechanical method. The inspection rice milling machine can quickly and efficiently complete the rice shelling and whitening process, and has the advantages of high shelling and whitening rate, less broken rice, and large sampling, mainly because of the inspection of the rice mill in the traditional mill. The rice machine has undergone a number of technical improvements, using a milling method (composed of iron rollers and heavy hammers). This grinding method is to grind white after shelling first, which reduces the pressure in the rice milling room. Therefore, the processed rice has high whitening rate, less broken rice, and clean rice bran.

With the development of society, China’s requirements for rice have shifted from production to quality. To ensure the quality and safety of rice and other major grain products, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the quality inspection of rice, so modern rice is crushed and crushed. The requirements are also higher. The application of rice milling machine can not only guarantee the rice shelling and whitening effect, meet the requirements of follow-up inspection, but also has the features of high efficiency, convenient operation and portability. It is also highly recognized by the industry personnel to strengthen the supervision of modern food quality. Improve the quality of food security and provide technical support.

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