The LED power market is highly competitive and the industrial structure is about to change.

According to statistics, in 2015, about 20% of LED companies withdrew from the market. In addition, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to give up only a little profit space to survive. Since 2016, the domestic and international economic environment has been complicated and changeable. The competition in the LED power supply industry is still very fierce. Many power companies have fine-tuned the price in 2015, which is a very difficult year for most LED power companies. Less companies are facing the trouble of the capital chain due to the drag of customers, and many power companies have cut many thin or loss-making businesses for profit. According to statistics, in 2015, about 20% of LED companies withdrew from the market. In addition, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to give up only a little profit space to survive. Since 2016, the domestic and international economic environment has been complicated and changeable. The competition in the LED power supply industry is still very fierce. Many power companies have made fine adjustments in price. In the first half of this year, some LED power companies issued notices that due to overcapacity and industry triangle debts, the capital turnover was difficult, and it was decided to clean up and convene suppliers to declare and liquidate claims. The poor LED power market competition environment and the downstream application market, which is still in the growth stage, the situation of two hot days, many companies that are still insisting must make changes to adapt to new changes. In fact, the cost of the same performance product is not very different, only the enterprises that are optimal in terms of material cost, management cost, quality control, etc. can occupy a favorable market competition position. Yang Qinghua, vice president of power sales at Yusheng, also believes that the overall market for outdoor high-power power supplies in the first half of the year is bleak, and competition has reached a feverish phenomenon. However, since August, it has improved, and the phenomenon of gold, nine, and silver has begun to appear. For high-power outdoor power companies, the market tends to become more and more centralized. The power industry is getting rid of the scattered mud and tends to be centralized. As we all know, in recent years, the LED power supply market has become saturated, the engineering case is very limited, and the market continues to be in a situation of oversupply. Therefore, how to use the price strategy has become a direct means of competition among various power companies. According to statistics, in 2015, the top 10 LED power companies in the country accounted for less than 10% of the total industry revenue. After a long period of reshuffle, the decentralized state of the power industry began to improve. According to industry insiders, at present, the LED power supply industry is really doing well, doing big, and doing branding, there are still ten homes left, and the power market share tends to be concentrated, especially in terms of price, quality, service and other factors. This trend is even more pronounced. In terms of the performance of the new three-board LED power supply companies in the first half of this year, the total revenue increased by 71.94% year-on-year, but the total net profit increased by 61.05%. Compared with the number of enterprises with medium and small power supplies, medium and large power supply companies are relatively few and concentrated. The high-power outdoor power supply technology threshold is relatively high, the certification is strict, the maintenance cost far exceeds the power supply cost, and the market is monopolized by several existing large power supply manufacturers. Therefore, the pattern will not undergo fundamental changes. Zhang Huajian, deputy general manager of Infinet, told Gaogong LED. In fact, high-power power companies want to achieve the desired performance, relying on excellent quality, unique intellectual property and comprehensive services. In operation, we must also carefully balance risks. We must not pursue scale and maximize profits to be the ultimate winner. The power industry is uneven, and outdoor high-power customers are increasingly demanding product yields. The more homogenized power market drags the industry to the Red Sea, most products lack innovation and competitiveness, but in the high-power power market, some companies are striving for their own advantages to seek product differentiation and branding routes, making high-quality LEDs High-power power supplies have become the market leader. Product technology upgrade, competition pattern will change The concept of LED intelligent lighting has been heated by the industry in recent years. With the gradual saturation of the replacement market, the industry has also said that smart lighting will become a new growth point in the LED lighting market. As the upstream product of the lighting industry, LED power supply has gradually embarked on the intelligent development path following the development trend of the industry. The competition focus of outdoor high-power power supply will no longer be focused on price, technology upgrade, and continuous optimization of products is the last word. The trend of intelligent LED power supply has become quite obvious. In particular, at present, local governments have focused on promoting the construction of smart cities, and the intelligent regulation of public lighting has become one of the highlights. This is different from the virtual heat of previous years. The power supply threshold is high, and the industry integration is difficult. Recently, the horizontal and vertical integration of the industry chain represented by mergers and acquisitions is beginning to become the norm, and the integration speed is further accelerated. LED person Zhang Xiaofei said that it is expected that the integration of LED industry will be particularly obvious in 2016, and the deep cooperation between large international brands and domestic enterprises will have a great impact on the SMEs with a revenue of 100 million yuan per year. Therefore, from the perspective of business management, to improve efficiency and enhance value, we must mention the agenda. In the case of low gross profit, how to increase profit margins becomes the value. For the future, the power industry will have a series of integrated actions. There are two different voices in the process of visiting the survey. Most people in the industry believe that the integration of the power industry is not very likely, of course, a small number of people believe that the future integration of the power industry will also become a trend. High-quality high-power power plants have high gold content, and downstream acquisitions and acquisitions may not be large. Jiang Haizhong mentioned. Zhang Huajian also believes that the possibility of integrating power supply companies downstream is not particularly large. Power companies have technical thresholds and relatively high quality risks. If the lighting companies integrate power supply companies, the power supply business is not enough to support the use of a medium- and large-scale power supply enterprise. In addition, after the acquisition of power companies, the original power supply customers, in addition to their own customers, others will become competitors, which is not conducive to power companies to expand power business. However, as several LED power companies continue to enter the capital market, the future of these LED power companies will not rule out the possibility of mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

Violet Laser

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Following wavelength are available for violet laser: 400 nm 420 nm 405 nm 425 nm 410 nm 430 nm 415 nm 440 nm

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