Development and Application of Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Vehicles

At present, the use of our radio has made great progress in many aspects, mainly relying on our satellite transmission signals to spread in the air. Therefore, when the plasma gas layer is low to a certain extent, it is possible to bounce radio signals. We have seen more wireless charging materials, wireless charging products, and wireless charging series equipment products. For example: wireless charging mobile phone, wireless charging camera, wireless charging PC / wireless charging tablet computer, wireless charging TV and so on. With the development of new energy sources and the development of the automotive technology industry, the popularity of electric vehicles has also ushered in new wireless charging vehicles. What is the development of radio cars? Let's take a look through the professional introduction below.


According to professional statistics, in 1891, the American electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla of the Serbian descent succeeded in sending wireless power to the target electrical appliances through electromagnetic induction. However, due to a number of reasons, the study of power wireless was suspended. Shortly after in May 2001, French scientist Pignoulet made an open experiment at the International Wireless Power Transmission Technology Conference: By using microwave technology, electric energy was wirelessly transmitted to the bulb, and the spot was lighted 40 meters. A 200-watt bulb outside.

With the use of radio in various industries, at present, wireless charging technology applications are mainly mobile phones and tablet computers, but many people are also developing automotive wireless charging technology.


Current electric vehicles rely on charging stations or charging posts. Charging stations are generally large in area and high in investment. They are difficult to be promoted in urban centers and their utilization rate is not very high. It is understood that most of the 12 charging stations built in Beijing are idle. There are also many difficulties in the construction of charging piles. It is not only troublesome for examination and approval, but also the high construction cost of charging piles, so it is difficult to promote them in large areas. Therefore, wireless charging technology has enabled electric vehicles to enter a new era.

The model of the charging pile spreads like a wired router. A single line can only guarantee the use of one computer. Wireless charging is like WiFi, and can be used by multiple computers and mobile phones and televisions at the same time. With wireless charging, multiple electric vehicles can be charged at the same time in the same parking lot.

The current wireless charging technology transmission has yet to be improved. The current wireless transmission distance is relatively short and cannot meet the need for car charging. However, great progress has been made in research. For example, at a 2012 conference, Chery’s total Engineer Chen Jun said: "Chery is developing high-power automotive wireless charging technology, the goal is to be able to reach 3000 watts, and now can achieve 1500 watts." There are also reports that the wireless charging transmission distance can reach 9 meters, which means that it can charge 10 electric vehicles at the same time.

In addition, it is reported that the United States and South Korea are experimenting with dedicated wireless charging highways. Electric vehicles can be driven while charging. This means that driving the vehicle's life is no longer a problem. During this process, the current through the wireless highway will be automatically transmitted. Give electric cars. It is said that the technical difficulty of this program is not large, but the cost is relatively high, mainly the need to transform the existing road, the investment scale is relatively large. If you consider that a car can carry a few batteries to a remote area, this solution can still be considered.


Wireless charging is a just starting field for electric vehicles. If it can be effectively developed, it will be the bottleneck for resolving the development of electric vehicles. However, due to its huge R&D and investment, it requires national policies to encourage and support them to accelerate their development. The R&D process has been promoted and applied as soon as possible. The application of wireless charging of electric vehicles will play an irreplaceable role in the pollution of the atmospheric environment of fuel vehicles.

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