1 ton small road roller fuel economy and fuel saving strategy

Reducing fuel consumption has always been a tough problem for small roller users. Want to improve the efficiency of the equipment, but do not want to spend too much money on the oil to solve this problem? Is there such a way to achieve the best of both worlds? Mastering the fuel saving method is very important! Below, Xiao Bian has compiled some tips on the fuel saving of the roller for your reference. I hope the following can help you!

Small road roller's fuel-saving strategy

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1 ton small road roller fuel economy and fuel saving strategy

specific method:

First, keep the engine's normal operating temperature, especially in the cold season, try to keep the water temperature at 75-90 °C and use the oil according to the season.

2. Regularly remove scale from the cooling system and grease and deposits from pipes and silencers.

Third, adjust the brakes correctly, always check the front and rear wheels of the tractor to keep the tire pressure normal.

Fourth, keep the electrical system and starting mechanism performance intact. Do not run the engine at idle speed for a long time, and stop immediately.

5. The locomotive load should be appropriate. Practice has proved that the load is about 85%, the most fuel-efficient and economical, avoiding the phenomenon of “big horse-drawn car” or “small horse-drawn cart” to avoid wasting fuel.

6. Choose the appropriate driving speed. Medium and light load use "high-grade small throttle". Do not hit the throttle, do not speed.

7. Reasonable selection of agricultural machinery and contiguous operations. Appropriately plan the plots and driving routes, minimize idle, empty, roundabout, stopovers, shorten the total distance traveled, and reduce inefficient energy consumption.

8. Technical maintenance in a timely and reasonable manner, keeping all components and institutions in a good state of technology, without disease.

Nine, clean oil, metering and refueling. If there is no pre-precipitation filtration before use, the impurities in the oil will cause damage to the plunger and the needle valve, causing the locomotive power to drop and the fuel consumption to increase. Therefore, the general oil should be precipitated for more than 48 hours before use.

Ten, to prevent oil leakage. Due to the long-term use of the machine, the joints will be in poor contact, improper assembly, damage to the mat, loose screws, deformation or cracking of the duct, and aging of the seals will cause oil leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding countermeasures to stop the fuel economy in time.

The above is the method of fuel saving summarized by Xiaobian. When operating a small roller, according to the above method, it can save fuel. Similarly, if you have any good methods, you can also give us feedback and let everyone share your results!

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