Method for determining oil saturation of oil and gas reserves determination method

, oil saturation determination method

In addition to the hydrocarbon-generating rock species that have oil-producing capacity and are formed by the original original reservoirs that can be formed by tectonic movement or other effects, the reservoir space is filled with formation water before the formation of various other reservoirs. After the reservoir is formed, the ratio of the volume of petroleum in the reservoir (generally referred to as liquid hydrocarbons) to the pore volume is defined as the original oil saturation (So), similar to the definition of the original water saturation (Sw). Under reservoir conditions, oil saturation and water saturation satisfy So+ Sw = 1.

There are many methods for determining oil saturation, such as direct core measurement, well log interpretation, capillary pressure calculation, and other indirect methods.

(1) Direct determination of core

"Direct Determination of Core in Method for Determining Oil Saturation by Oil and Gas Reserves"

(2) Log interpretation and rock power experiment to determine the original oil saturation

"Log interpretation and rock power experiment for determining oil saturation by oil and gas reserves"

(3) Determining the saturation of oil and gas using capillary pressure data

"Capillary Pressure Data for Oil and Gas Reserves to Determine Oil Saturation Method"

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