What are the advantages and disadvantages of shaker beneficiation?

Shaker is fine ore sorting apparatus reselection efficient, widely used tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium and other rare metals and precious metal ore sorting, but also for Fe, Mn ore sorting, in recent years, has also been reported The iron minerals in the tailings of the magnetic separation plant and the non-metallic minerals such as mica are recovered by a shaker.

Advantages of shaker beneficiation : 1 The ratio of rich ore ( ratio of concentrate grade to ore grade ) is higher than many other beneficiation methods, up to more than 100 times; 2 qualified concentrates and abandoned tailings can be obtained in one selection; 3 The ore is fan-shaped on the bed surface for easy observation and adjustment. 4 The products can be separated and separated separately according to the needs, and various products can be obtained. 5 No consumption of chemicals, and little power consumption.

Disadvantages of shaker beneficiation: 1 Large area; 2 Large water consumption; 3 Unit area of ​​bed surface treatment capacity is low.

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