Application of frequency conversion technology on air compressor

Huang Shaobin Hongta Renheng Company, Guangdong Zhuhai 519070 frequency conversion technology is often used for motor speed control, but whether the frequency conversion technology can be applied to air compressor control, how does it realize the control of air compressor? Let's discuss .

Commonly used air compressors, especially the piston method to control the pressure of the air compressor, reduce the power consumption of the air compressor, such as the piston air compressor produced by the domestic Liuzhou Air Compressor Factory, the foreign Wang Hao air compressor equipment company And the screw air compressors produced by Ingersoll Rand, etc., are used in this way. The advantage of this method is that the control mode is simple, no additional logic control system is needed, and the cost is low; the disadvantage is that the pressure fluctuation range is large, the safety factor is low, and the phenomenon that the unloading or unloading cannot be pressurized often occurs.

In response to this situation, in 2000, our company decided to change the control of the four piston-loaded valves of the just one paper machine to the inverter control of the motor, and achieved obvious results. Later, in 2002, the two Wang Hao air compressors of the 2 paper machine were improved, and the obvious effect was achieved. The improved air pressure system not only maintains pressure stability, but also greatly saves power consumption.

Our solution is to eliminate the unloading valves at the inlet of all air compressors in an air compressor system, and then determine the air compressor capacity of the air compressor and the compressed air consumption of the plant. For example, 1 air compressor of 01 paper machine is frequency conversion control, 2 air compressors of 02 paper machine are frequency conversion control, other air compressors are controlled by power frequency; and soft starter is used instead of contactor. Whether it is the air compressor with variable frequency operation or the power frequency operation system control. In addition, a pressure sensor is added to the total output line to provide a feedback signal to the regulator and form a closed loop control system. The operating frequency of the frequency converter is controlled by the output of the regulator. When the difference between the actual value and the set value is large, then the =10 regulator outputs a large value, and the variable speed air compressor may run close to the power frequency so that the actual pressure value approaches the set value as soon as possible; When the actual pressure value is close to the set value and the pressure change value is small, the frequency of the inverter gradually decreases until the actual pressure value is equal to the set value. At this time, the frequency of the inverter is basically stable and the actual pressure is Change and change. In addition, whether it is a piston air compressor or a screw air compressor, in order to ensure good lubrication, a minimum frequency should be set. Otherwise, the air pressure opportunity will be alarmed or damaged due to the lubricating oil condition.

The effect received after the improvement First, the pressure of the main pipe is very stable. Under normal circumstances, the output pressure is kept at the set value of plus or minus 0.0. Secondly, the variable frequency air compressor is more energy efficient, and the operating current of the drive motor is improved by 125. When people reduce to the current 0, the frequency is 50, but the air compressor only runs at 40HZ. At this time, the current of the air compressor is only 92. According to the savings of 15, the electricity consumption can be saved by 7.5 per hour, which can save every year. Power consumption 64 8001. Once again, the improved air compressor, equipment operation rate and work reliability are improved, and there will be no equipment failure due to low pressure or excessive pressure; finally, because the start is relatively stable, The wear of the equipment is reduced, the equipment failure rate is reduced, and the maintenance cost and the maintenance strength of the worker are greatly reduced.

It has been proved by production practice that the use of frequency conversion technology to control the air compressor is a good way to save energy and reduce consumption.

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