hyperMILL? tops the list in the BMW benchmark

OPEN MIND provides CAD/CAM software for high-end car manufacturers
         April 18, 2016 – BMW AG selected OPEN MIND Technology Group (CAM system hyperMILLTM developer) as its CAD/CAM software supplier. After a multi-stage benchmark, the modular hyperMILL® integrated CAM solution won the BMW Group's IT department and instrument engineering, prototyping and mass production experts. As a result, high-end hyperMILL® CAD/CAM systems are now available in BMW departments and factories around the world.
         The results of the benchmark test show that with the unusual advantages of the hyperMILL® CAM solution, the BMW Group has chosen OPEN MIND as a permanent CAD/CAM software provider. Experts in the IT department and tool engineering and prototyping and mass production departments view hyperMILL® as an intuitive, high-end CAD/CAM system with a high degree of technical implementation. HyperMILL® can now be selected and used by the global BMW factory after consultation with IT headquarters.
Selection process
         18 months ago, the central IT department of the BMW Group began looking for a new CAD/CAM system. The goal is to find a CAD/CAM solution that covers a wide range of different NC applications in the expert sector. This requires a comprehensive technical assessment and cost-benefit analysis of all participants in the benchmark with the expert department.
         High-intensity benchmark
         In the fall of 2014, the BMW Group invited OPEN MIND and five other CAD/CAM manufacturers to participate in the benchmark test. The multi-stage selection process performs the following major categories of high-intensity testing of CAD/CAM systems: “tool making”, “mass production”, “prototyping” and the BMW internal category “CAM lighting”. A technical assessment was then performed based on the demonstration and programming tasks. In order to be short-listed, the system must successfully pass the economic assessment. OPEN MIND tops the list with the technical and economic advantages of hyperMILL®. This paved the way for the testing phase of the milling test in early 2015. After the training of the specialist departments of BMW M Ltd., Munich and Dingolfing, the materials testing and tooling department began to use the OPEN MIND system to program parts and tools.
high standard
         hyperMILL? is a modular CAM solution that integrates a comprehensive concept for 2D, 3D and 5-axis milling/milling turning and machining operations such as high speed and high performance cutting (HSC and HPC) in one interface. All turning and milling is done with just one CAM software and one post processor, which not only integrates all the processes, but also significantly reduces machining time.
         Automated CAM programming
         Automation is the highest level of a perfect CAD/CAM system. BMW chose the automated task of trimming die in the benchmark test. This task automatically creates an NC program for ten trimming modes. Martin Herrmann, product development manager at OPEN MIND, said: “We have defined the optimal process for these trimming dies. These best methods can be replicated for any geometry when the button is pressed.” “In terms of automation, we can not only significantly shorten With programming time, you can also create NC programs to ensure perfect and highly optimized processing quality,” said Volker Nesenh?ner, CEO of OPEN MIND Technologies. The programming time and processing results have been recognized by the BMW Group Experts.

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