Key process of marking platform

The key process of the scribe platform - casting, the choice of its casting position is very critical, directly affect the accuracy of the cast iron platform and the quality of the overall quality. Therefore, we must strictly follow the following principles:

one. For a thin-walled part with a large area on the lower part of the mold, at the same time as far as possible to make the thin-wall stand or tilt pouring, which is conducive to the filling of metal. It places the thin-walled part of the large area of ​​the cast-iron platform under the casting, so that this part can fill the mold under high metal hydraulic pressure and prevent it from being poured.

two. Surfaces with high quality on the cast iron platform or the main processing surface should be placed under the mold. If this is not possible, the surface can be placed on the side of the mold or tilted for pouring.

three. For some cast iron platforms that require feeding, thicker sections should be placed on the upper or side of the mold. This facilitates the placement of risers at the thick wall of the cast iron platform, resulting in a good sequential solidification that is conducive to feeding the die cast iron platform.

four. For a cast iron platform with a large plane, the large plane of the cast iron platform should be placed below the mold.

Fives. For cast iron platforms with mud cores, the cores should be placed firmly and easily inspected in the box. Due to the long mud core and insufficient rigidity, the mud core is bent and deformed under the buoyancy of molten metal. If you change to pouring, you can avoid the above-mentioned bad situation.

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