· Tire countervailing duty suspension tire export ushered in window period

A few days ago, a news of "the US suspended the countervailing duty on China's passenger and light trucks" triggered a strong concern in the domestic tire industry. The US “double-reverse” investigation has not yet ended. What does it mean to suspend the countervailing duty? What does this mean for Chinese tire exports?
At the 2015 China Rubber Annual Conference held recently, Xu Wenying, Secretary General of China Rubber Industry Association, clarified to reporters: "After the news was released, many people had misunderstandings. In fact, this is only a policy window period, and it is not a future anti-subsidy. Tax is over."
At the seminar on dealing with international trade frictions held on the same day, Yang Chen, a senior partner of Beijing Jincheng Tongda Law Firm, a member of the Chinese company’s “double-reverse” case, was answered in more detail. Question.
According to the introduction, due to the implementation of the retrospective taxation system in the United States, during the “double-reverse” investigation, the US will impose a temporary deposit, and according to the WTO Agreement on Subsidies, the temporary measures for countervailing shall not exceed four months.
Therefore, from April 1 to July 26, 2015 (the estimated time of the final decision by the US International Trade Commission ITC), the United States only imposes an anti-dumping deposit on the tire products imported from China.
According to Yang Chen’s “Preliminary Survey and Review of Passenger Car and Light Truck Tire”, starting from January 20, 2015, the initial release date of anti-dumping, to the final release date of ITC, July 26, 2015 The "double-reverse" deposit is subject to the principle of "returning more and less".
Yang Chen told reporters that this means that April 1st to July 26th is a window period. As long as the anti-dumping preliminary tax rate can be accepted, the Chinese tire companies involved can export a large number of tires without worrying about the anti-subsidy deposit.

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