The stock continued to fall and wife penalized husband doing push-ups on the highway

Stocks continued to fall wife wife husband doing push-ups diesel generators on the highway | diesel generators price / 2012-07-12

Zhengzhou, July 12th Zhengzhou stockholder Wang due to stock market investment errors led to serious shrinkage of family assets, the wife was informed that forced Wang to do enough 300 push-ups on the hot highway, thanks to high-speed traffic police arrived, or Wang certain Exhausted. The police reminded Wang to invest rationally and pay attention to traffic safety. Peace is the blessing.
At about 10:00 am on July 12th, the policemen Wang Shibo and Duan Shengju of the 10th detachment of the high-speed traffic police corps of Henan Province patrolled to 628 kilometers away from Lianhuo Expressway and found a red BYD car parked on the emergency lane next to a man doing push-ups next to the car. The police are wondering, is it so hot weather to exercise on the highway? He rushed to the scene and saw a man doing push-ups with bare shoulders. A woman in the carriage opened the glass and asked the man to stop and take a standard position.
The police hurriedly inquired about the situation. The man stood up and explained the reasons for the incident. It turned out that the driver Wang's assets had entered the stock market in early June. He knew that the sudden collapse of the broader market caused his stocks to plummet, especially in the past three days. A stock bought down nearly 30%, when driving on the highway, the wife just heard the sedan speak on the stock market, asked Wang stock investment situation, when his wife learned that the stock of Wang from 400,000 yuan fell When the market value was only 200,000 yuan, it was very angry, and Wang used parking to do push-ups to punish Wang. Only then did he show the scene of the thunder.
The civilian police education Wang was not concerned about the danger of emergency parking, and he hoped that Wang and his wife would be rational investors, not to chase and sell into the old, but also to diversify investment, not to use the stock market as the whole of life, safety and security are also important, Afterwards, the police imposed a fine of 200 yuan and 6 points on Wang for punishment.
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