ZF subsidiary invests in expanding US plant

ZF's subsidiary, rubber and plastic (ZFRubber & PlasticsHebron) today announced that it will invest in the expansion of its production located in Northern Kentucky plant.

The subsidiary will invest $17.9 million in the expansion of its Kentucky plant, adding 60 new employees. The factory currently employs 206 people.

The investment by the ZF subsidiary will increase the area of ​​the Kentucky factory by 52,000 square feet, and will purchase new equipment for the plant for bushings, engine mounts, shockproof products, and plastic parts.

ZF Subsidiary stated that the local government has given strong support for its expansion of the factory and provided it with incentives of up to US$500,000 in taxation. The expansion of the factory was started at the end of June and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year. .

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