Automotive Lighting Market Trends: LED Lights Are Leading Trends

The combination of automotive machinery and electronic technology is the trend of the development of the international automotive industry, cater to the trend of the development of intelligent cars. At present, major auto manufacturers worldwide have invested heavily in the development of automotive electronic products in order to equip new types of automobiles and make them more successful. Advanced, safer and more comfortable, but also better meet the social needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, and enhance brand competitiveness.

In the current automotive industry, vehicle and component companies have developed and mass-produced many automotive electronic and intelligent products covering engines, transmissions, suspension control, steering control, and communication systems. Of course, they also include New and intelligent automotive lamps.

On July 22nd, technical and market experts from Hella gathered together with relevant engineering technology and market personnel from a well-known joint venture vehicle manufacturer in Shanghai to communicate in-depth about the cutting-edge technologies of automotive lighting and to incorporate automotive lighting in the future. The development trend was discussed as the main topic. Based on the discussion, the two sides reached some basic consensus, using LED light sources as the carrier, and using intelligent tracking modules (AFS) and anti-glare high-light modules (Glarefree) and other intelligent modules. Automotive lighting will become the mainstream of the market in the future.

The Hella Group, which has spent more than a hundred years in the automotive lighting industry, is a technology leader in the industry and has become synonymous with automotive lighting technology. In 1971, the H4 double-wire halogen headlamp developed by Hella won the first in the world. Permits, two years later in 1992, Hella launched the first generation of Xenon headlights in the world. This is not only a major breakthrough in automotive lighting technology, but also a milestone in the history of global automotive lighting industry, leading the way. The development trend of automotive lighting in the world. Now, LED technology has begun to be widely used in automotive lighting. As a leader in lighting innovation technology, Hella predicts that this technology will become the future development trend of the automotive lighting industry.

Currently, brands including Volkswagen, General Motors, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Ford have all launched new-style cars with LED front and rear lighting fixtures with brand recognition effects. They have successfully attracted a large number of consumers. Favored.

At the seminar site, the head of Hella’s China Marketing Department first gave a brief introduction to Hella Group's performance during the 2013-2014 financial year. It is reported that Hala Group’s total sales amounted to 5.3 billion Euros in the fiscal year, compared with the previous financial year. The annual growth of 4.8 billion euros was about 11%. Subsequently, the responsible person gave some forecasts and analysis on the market performance of automotive lighting. “In the domestic market two years ago, LED lights were still more involved in the topic. At present, many models equipped with LED lights have been put into mass production.” The above-mentioned person in charge said that “2014, the entire country There will be 245,000 sets of LED automotive headlights on the market, and this number will reach 907,500 units by 2016, which will increase more than threefold, while the use of LED-powered automotive taillights will be more widely used. According to Hella's forecast, from 2013 to 2019, the market share of LED headlamps will increase from 1% to 10%.

In general, the design of automotive lamps is mainly affected by four major factors: safety, environmental protection, style, and comfort. The headlights have higher requirements for safety, environmental protection and styling. In these respects, LED lights can better meet the demand.

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