Nokia will bring offline maps

Nokia's map business has a new boost because it tries to catch up with Google and Apple's competitors to provide mobile map services and map it directly to consumers' mobile phones.
Finnish technology vendors will soon release a free map application. Nokia said that the application is scheduled to be launched before the end of this year, which is the uniqueness of their work without an internet connection. Nokia's primary mapping business is for enterprise customers, such as automobile manufacturing and logistics related companies such as FedEx and Amazon, and pays royalties on the digital map platform.
The number of mobile devices that motivated its maps to provide consumers with more, Nokia's maps are no longer dependent on its shrinking and losing mobile phone business, and it was transferred to Microsoft's fate at the beginning of this year. For now, Google's and Apple's maps occupy the consumer market, mainly using Android and iOS devices. The two companies will have to approve their app stores to include Nokia's new products, but Nokia did not expect this to be a problem.

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