Air compressor operation practice and improvement

Air compressor operation practice and improvement Yu Jianting Shanxi Qiaoguang overhaul branch, Shanxi Hejin 043300 processing agriculture, 23 glass fiber, this material has good self-lubricating performance, sealing performance is good, we use the filling poly four as the piston The material of the ring and the guide support 1.2 The size of the piston ring is selected. The non-metallic ring is mechanically stronger than the metal ring. The section size of the ring is slightly larger than that of the metal ring. The cross-section of the non-metallic ring is 1.2 of the metal ring. After the transformation, the outer diameter of the piston ring is the same, and the other dimensions change the number of the ring width. 30 1 1 15 protection 1 Introduction The Shanxi Lead Factory Inspection Branch has two sets of air separation equipment, and the set is a persimmon oxygen machine. The hollow press cylinders produced by the factory for the Harbin Oxygen Generator Factory are oil-free and have good operating conditions. The hollow compressor cylinder of the persimmon oxygen unit adopts mechanical oil slip. Its model is 5.55/40. Due to the long service life, there are several problems in the operation practice: the cylinder is mechanically oily and the compressed air is filtered by the purifier and the high-efficiency degreasing filter, and a small amount of oil still enters the distribution tower. , In the sub-tower, oil is banned, and the unsafe factors are lurking in the tower. As a result, the number of air-cooling equipment is increased, the downtime is long, and the production is affected. The air compressor has a high exhaust temperature, and the mechanical oil is lubricated to make the exhaust. The carbon deposit at the valve port is very serious, the cleaning is difficult; the oil pollution makes the molecular sieve fail quickly; the equipment consumes a large amount of fuel, the pollution is serious, and the economic benefits are affected. Based on the problems in practice, we draw on the characteristics of the oil-free skid air compressor and propose 5.55 /40 air compressor to change 1 improvement measures oil-free lubrication air compressor and oil slick air compressor difference is the use of different piston rings, the former uses a non-metallic piston ring, the latter uses a metal piston ring, the shake we use Shake down the measures to improve: use a non-metallic piston ring instead of a metal piston ring: 2 to properly machine the piston body: 3 increase the guiding support on the piston body: 4 cancel the cylinder oil lubrication system 1.1 piston ring and The guide support material is made of 5.55/40 air compressor. The piston ring is made of cast iron. After the cylinder is changed to no oil and slip, the piston ring itself must have self-foaming performance and resistance. At present, small and medium-sized oxygen concentrators are widely used as materials for piston rings and guide rings, and their service life can reach 8000h. Its composition is like the 7-recognition four-art piston ring connection method. Diagonal lap: simple manufacturing, poor sealing performance; cross-over interface: manufacturing is more complicated, Wang Zuoshi overlaps each other, gas can not directly pass through the incision, need to undergo secondary tortuosity, the leakage is greatly reduced, so the sealing effect is good. The leakage is large and is generally used for the guide ring. At present, most of the piston rings adopt cross-over joints. Therefore, we choose the cross-over joint type piston ring 1.3. The guiding guide support is used as a guiding function. It can ensure the piston body and the cylinder with the same degree and prevent the piston. The body and the mirror surface of the cylinder are in direct contact with each other, and the friction of the first-stage piston body is vertical reciprocating motion. The weight of the piston body has no influence on the cylinder, and the 11-stage and the field-level piston body reciprocate horizontally. The weight of the piston body affects it and the cylinder. The same as the degree. For the specific structure of the piston body of the machine, taking into account the convenience of processing and installation, in the case of ensuring that the mechanical properties of the piston body itself are not affected, the specific method of adding the support drill at the 11th grade and the resistance level is uniform under the suppression piston. Drill a small hole, twisted teeth, including 4 dexterous screws to expose the piston body 4 "1 ~ 61, its specific size and number can be determined according to the diameter of the piston body by reference to the mountain, the number is: 11 3 ~ 8, field 3 ~ 6, for the specific structure of the 5.55 / 40 air compressor piston body, choose 11: 5; level: 3.

1.4 Piston ring production and assembly requirements After the piston ring and support screw are selected, the piston ring groove is deepened and widened according to the size of the piston ring. We choose the persimmon boot oxygen machine spare parts factory for processing and shaking to ensure the processing quality due to the filling of the poly-coal material. The coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and there should be sufficient clearance between the piston ring groove and the piston. Otherwise, the working temperature of the piston ring is higher, which will cause the piston ring to be stuck in the ring groove, but the gap is too large, which will increase the leakage of compressed gas. Large, it is necessary to ensure the axial and radial clearance during installation. We refer to the experience of the Harmonized Oil-free Lubricated Air Compressor and other technical transformation units, and select the axial installation clearance in the range of 0.3 to 1~451. Radial installation clearance When installing the piston ring, the piston rings should be staggered from each other, and the leakage of gas should be reduced. 2 The operating conditions of the air compressor are improved. 1 Ensure the mirror quality of the cylinder. The quality of the cylinder mirror surface affects the service life of the piston ring. It is very large, so it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the cylinder meets the requirements of the agricultural cylinder. If there is a strain or burr on the mirror surface of the cylinder, necessary repairs must be made. If the quality of the cylinder mirror is seriously damaged, it should be considered for replacement. The cylinder 22 ensures the cooling condition of the cylinder. Because the temperature of the filling is the highest, the temperature of the cylinder is 1%. If the working temperature is too high, the piston ring will be thermally deformed, and even the material will be volatilized, causing rapid wear and tear. Therefore, the air compressor is running. In order to ensure sufficient cooling of the cylinder, periodically clean the cylinder water jacket to ensure sufficient cooling water volume. 3 Other requirements regularly check and clean the air filter to prevent dust and solid impurities from entering the cylinder and causing the piston ring to wear faster. After parking, the cooling water should be drained to prevent the self-lubricating film of the piston ring from being damaged by the leakage of the cooling water, thus causing the ring to sharply sweep and regularly replace the scraper ring and packing seal to ensure that the crankcase lubricant is not brought in. Inside the cylinder, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the piston ring, destroying the self-slip property of the piston ring material. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a good oil-scraping effect. 3 The improved effect of the jade air compressor is changed to no oil slick. The whole set of air separation units has a longer working cycle, and the number of heating blows is reduced. The operating period is increased from the original 30 days to 150 days. 3.2 The piston ring is pulled to the cylinder mirror. Principle of piston compressors. Xi'an: Xi'an Jiaotong University Press, 15.

Chen Yunqiao. Basic knowledge of small air separation equipment. Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 1 Code 1.

Hangzhou Oxygen Machine Research Institute. Principle of oxygen production equipment. Beijing: Metallurgical Industry Press, 1977.

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